A little about me.


Hello! My name is Melissa and I am the person behind Melissa Jaye. A self named Graphic Design studio based in beautiful Brisbane, Australia - specializing in branding, event marketing, stationery, invitations, magazine layouts and social media. Let's work alongside to create a product that perfectly reflects you and your business, focusing on your personality and key values.



With experience from wedding stationery to the corporate world, I decided to take the leap and start the little Side Hustle, with the desire to help medium size businesses to the exciting start-ups.


The Shop

The Shop blends a love for design and hand created art pieces. You'll find print and paper goods here; along with some designs you can download and print yourself - DIY style. Each Stipple (or pointism) piece has over 20 hours of hard and tedious labour of dotting the page to create the final look.


For Graphic Design services, please email info@melissajaye.com.au