Did someone say freebie?

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Hello again! With my website now up and running, I really wanted to create something that everyone can use. Whether you’re a graphic designer, a side hustler or my mum reading this blog post ( thanks mum!), I wanted to create an item that you could use, and see everyday. I’m sure you saw the tile description with the words freebie and thought ‘Heck yeah’!


In the Dropbox link below I have included a few screensavers for your laptop and phone. Some of them are using the MJ branding, and some hold a few inspirational words on them to help motivate you through the day.

 If you’re sharing these with your friends or on social media ( please do! ) I would really appreciate it if you mention and tag me in it. You’ll help keep the dream alive!

You can find me on Instagram at @melissajayeaus.

Phone Screen Saver.
Desktop Screen Saver.

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