6 Podcasts you need to start listening to!

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A few months ago I recently discovered podcasts, and I seriously can’t live without them. They have changed the way I work and motivate myself as a creative.

Whenever I am in a rut, need some advice, or just want to listen to something other than the repeated Spotify playlist, I’ll put my headphones in and listen to Sophia Amoruso talk with inspiring and motivational women about their highs, lows and success stories.


These are my top 6 Podcasts:

Being Boss.

If you haven’t heard of Being Boss, well I urge you to open up iTunes or wherever you listen to Podcast and Download their latest episode! Hosted by 2 Work Besties Kathleen Shannon and Emily Thompson, their podcast is full of hilarious yet very real talks on growing your business or side hustle and how you can make it happen.

Along with Being Boss, they currently have a new Podcast called Making a Business that really breaks down the process of how to build your business from the ground up.


If you like a bit of Murder Mystery or even the suspense of an unsolved case, Casefile would be the top of my list! The Australian podcast follows solved or cold criminal cases that are often related to well-known murders and crimes from around the world.

With an eerie backing music and a host that remains anonymous, this podcast has you sitting on the edge of your seat wanting to listen to more! Unlike a number of other podcasts, the series is scripted and narrative, relying on original police or mass-media documents, eyewitness, and interview or public announcement recordings.

Girlboss Radio

If you are looking for some kick ass motivation, well here it is!
On each episode of the Girlboss Radio, Sophia interviews boundary-pushing women who've made their mark - extracting solid advice from the lessons they've learned along the way. The episodes run for about 50 minutes each, discussing honest conversations that humanize the known, champion the unknown, and laugh a little at the absurdity of life.

I would absolutely recommend this to anyone who needs a good kick up the bum and needs that extra bit of motivation to get you through.


Jen Gotch is ok….Sometimes

"Jen Gotch is OK...Sometimes" is the newest podcast to hit the Girlboss Radio network, hosted by ban.do founder and chief creative officer (turned mental health advocate and inspirational  Instagrammer), Jen Gotch.

Each week Jen will get in your ear, tell you about her fears, her pain, her triumphs in the hope that you become more self aware, build your own emotional intelligence and more than anything else FEEL LESS ALONE.

If you have ever had the imposter syndrome, feeling a bit of self doubt or have this dark cloud that keeps circulating, it’s nice to hear that you’re not alone and it’s ok to have those ‘lie in bed’ days.

Jerico Mandybur is a girlboss. Literally, she’s on the team! Host of the Girlboss Radio network’s second podcast, Self Service the series is like a wellness guidebook with Jerico as its guardian angel to living a better life.

Each week on the podcast they tackle topics ranging from self-love to staying hydrated, with guest experts weighing in on thoughtful insight and relatable humour. Jerico gives a Tarot card reading each episode, while astrologer Jessica Lanyadoo explains the astrological forecast for the week ahead.

This podcast is great for those early commutes to work on dreaded public transport.

And finally we have a podcast helping creatives get started and become known for their something.

Released each week, Jaharn Giles tackles topics creatives want to hear about the most, including getting started, dealing with self doubt, becoming your own boss, what to do in a creative rut, learning form mistakes, and lots more.

Jaharn gets down into the nitty gritty with local creatives, discussing the lessons they've learned along the way while sharing wisdom bombs, actionable advice and practical tips that get the listener inspired and motivated in business and in life.